Cape eagle owl nestingWho are we?

Established in 2004 The Nama-Karoo Foundation (NKF) is a volunteer-run charity[1] set-up to promote the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the Karoo, South Africa.

The Foundation is managed by a small group of Trustees and has an international membership, with a core of active friends and volunteers across the Karoo.

What do we do?

Operating from Graaff-Reinet and Richmond in the Northern Cape the NKF mission is to research, protect and promote the cultural, historic and natural environment of the Karoo.

Our goals are:

  • To promote the expansion of the current 1% of protected areas in the Karoo
  • To instigate, participate and support scientific research and projects
  • To assist in creating opportunities for the advancement of local people
  • To educate people about the Karoo and provide opportunities for direct experience with it.

fencing removal CranesOur programmes

We deliver our goals through four programmes:

High Karoo Park




Our Logo

Our logo is the outline of footprint of the Hippopotamus. Hippos used to be abundant in the NKFSeacow or Seekoei river which forms the heartland of our conservation work. Our vision is to see the Hippo fully reinstated as a symbol of the restoration of ecological and cultural balance in the Karoo.


[1] Public Benefit Organisation Number 9004311222