seacow_riverThe Seacow River Valley is the premiere wildlife and livestock region of the Karoo.

The Seacow or Seekoei River stretches from the Sneuuberg range to the Orange (Gariep) River draining the north-eastern Karoo and joining the Orange river in the area of the Vanderkloof dam, near Petrusville.

The upper reaches of the Seacow provide rare areas of Karoo wetlands with high plateau vleis rich in wildlife, aquatic plants, fish, amphibians and vast quantities of birdlife.flamingos

Along its course the Seacow River Valley offers a rich and important ecosystem that reflects the health of the Karoo. Near Hanover, the first hippo reintroduction has taken place and he valley attracts huge numbers of migrating birds, including Blue Cranes.

The health of the Seacow River Valley is marker for the health of the Karoo and an extremely important resource that merits careful protection and conservation.Hippo - NKF

NKF offers conservation assistance to Seacow River Valley landowners. Conservation Guidelines for the Karoo Landowner encourages practices which will have long-term positive impact on the environment and economy of the region including:


  • Friendly predator control
  • Elimination of locust spraying
  • Elimination of low strand electric fencing & small-unit game fencing
  • Landowner reinvestment back into land for restoration & soil conservation
  • Power lines, transformer & poison bait safety for big birds & return of the Vulture
  • Elimination of burning practices for livestock grazing purposes that destroys biodiversity or contributes to soil erosion