The Karoo Plant Nursery

Karoo People have some of the oldest DNA of all human beings. Their ancestors spoke San (Bushmen) dialects such as Nama or !Xam and we can trace their connection to the Karoo back many thousands of years.

Historically displaced, the modern descendants of these ‘first peoples’ have increasingly become marginalised from the Karoo and its economy.

Our Karoots programme offers education, skills & employment opportunities to some of the most disadvantaged peoples of South Africa; reconnecting local people with their natural and cultural Karoo heritage.

Working with partners Karoots helps deliver:

  • Individually awarded scholarships;
  • Support for local entrepreneurship & small-scale enterprises that enhance and help conserve the Karoo;
  • Skills training in conservation, wildlife studies and horticulture;
  • Support for eco-tourism initiatives bringing income to the Karoo;
  • Promoting the cultural identity and welfare of Karoo people;
  • Education programmes for schools and communities;
  • Recognising and promoting the conservation work of Karoo people;

Karoots plant nursery

Clearing fences in the High Karoo Park

Clearing fences in the High Karoo Park

Our Karoots programme has helped establish the Karoo’s first indigenous plant nursery, employing local people to care for the plants and transform once empty farm buildings into a thriving enterprise.

Over recent years the nursery has introduced native trees and plants to the streets of Richmond and Graaf-Reinet and has become recognised as a local centre of knowledge and experience in the growing and care of indigenous Karoo flora.

Why not grow a bit of Karoo flora yourself.

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