The High Karoo Park

The High Karoo Park located close to Graaff-Reinet and Richmond is the showpiece of Nama-Karoo Foundation conservation work.

A practical and vivid example of how Karoo conservation and farming can go hand in hand, both mutually benefitting the other.

The NKF works with public & private partners to secure land, conduct projects & research, create jobs and exemplify the ecological restoration & sustainable management of land.

The High Karoo Park is extraordinary for a number of reasons:

  • Sound soil custodianship track record resulting in unrivalled Nama-Karoo vegetation.
  • Supreme Karoo wetlands & vleis accompanied by suitable infrastructure for indigenous plant propagation and re-establishment.
  • Blue Crane Sanctuary.
  • A healthy eco-system showcased by a high amphibian biomass & excellent Karoo bird life.
  • A history of valuable and well-documented research (including Digital Species Database, Sneeuberg Archive Collection, Zeekoei Valley Archeological Project, NKF Crane Study).
  • Architecture representing all Karoo architectural styles.
  • A rich archaeological and historic landscape.

  apocynaceae_duvalie_corderoyi      cranes      hopper_on_mesembryantheum

NKF research & projects in the High Karoo Park:

  • Alien vegetation removal techniques
  • Grassland & wetland restoration
  • Africa’s first digital plant database
  • Karoo’s first indigenous nursery
  • Blue Cranes & Springbok Study
  • Game Breeding Programme